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Prehospital emergency physicians and paramedics are the first line of advanced medical treatment when dealing with critically ill children.

Prehospital personnel with limited ressources and no backup are the first to encounter the critically ill or traumatised child. The environment is often chaotic and may be further dramatized by guardians, parents or other adults in charge observing the situation. It is crucial to control ones mind to ensure a correct and professional treatment can be initialised. Currently this course is the only excisting course in Denmark with focus on the responders situational preparedness.

REPEL will via advanced simulations including live actors prepare the participant to these difficult situations involving critically ill children. The simulations are run by experienced consultants and all cases are authentic. To ensure competent insight to the "battlemind", this course is run in cooperation with the Centre for Preparedness Psychology.


Train your battlemind through advanced simulation

The course consist of two main lectures, four short information sessions prior to simulations, and eight major simulations with live actors and real cases during 1,5 days. All simulations will be followed by group debriefing with both the instructing consultant and a psychologist.

A maximum of 16 participants is allowed at each course. Simulations will be run in groups of four. The course is run at Emergency Fyns course center which will allow us to use real life props such as cars, houses, and other objects.

EPALS book for the ERC course is recommended litterature.

The first REPEL course is schedueled for the 4-5th september 2018. Application opens the first of May 2018. A course fee of 6000 DKK is required at registration.

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Kursusleder Mads Tofte Gregers Arbejdsgruppen i Præhospital Simulation

Anæstesiologisk Intensiv Afdeling

Odense Universitets Hospital

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Indgang 8, 20, 201

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Center for Avanceret Simulation og Anæstesiologisk Intensiv Afdeling på Odense Universitets Hospital stræber efter at levere professionelle og innovative kvalitetskurser til læger, sygeplejersker og præhospitalt mandskab.

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